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Hop Kissed: Local Artist Designs Labels for Corralitos Brewing Company

By Julie Horner

Boulder Creek artist Nicky Gaston, the creative juice behind the beer labels for Steel Bonnet Brewing Company in Scotts Valley, just wrapped up a two-year artistic collaboration with Corralitos Brewing Co. “I have been a big fan of their beer and overall branding, so I reached out to see if they were in need of a designer.” It turned out that they had been meaning to reach out to Nicky to see if he was free to work on a new labeling project. What better way to begin a business relationship.

“After several brainstorming meetings, the owners and I began working on a batch of specialty sour labels. These labels include Shake Tree (sour ale with peaches), Fresas Acidas (Strawberry sour ale), and Acid Cabin (Saison aged in French oak barrels). Not only did I love these drinks and the ingredients that went into them, but the names instantly painted a call to action for imagery,” Gaston said.

“An amazing relationship developed, and the owners asked me to begin designing labels for the core products. First in line, Hop Kiss, their flagship IPA and my favorite beer in the world of hops. Next in line were Lupulin Express, Seek & Enjoy, and their famous Blonde Ale.” 

The individual label designs share some common and repeating themes. The primary goal, Gaston said, was to capture the lush landscapes of South Santa Cruz Country. “From local strawberry fields overlooking the ocean to the wonderful coastal views on top of Big Sur mountain ranges, we wanted to relate the imagery to the name of the beer and the brew category.” 

“Corralitos Brewing Co. is an extremely unique brewery that exceeds expectations. Located in a lovely country setting in Corralitos, CA., there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer on the front porch while watching the sunset.” 

2536 Freedom Blvd, Watsonville, CA 95076
Artist Nicky Gaston:

Artist Nicky Gaston Corralitos Brewing Company

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