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Model T Ford Club Hosts Rally in the Mountains

On Sunday, June 9th, the Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club hosts its 53rd Annual Endurance Run and Lowland Tour. Historic vehicles called “Speedsters” and other vintage motorcars from 1900-1945 will rally through the mountain and coastal towns of Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Ben Lomond, Felton, Santa Cruz, Davenport, Pescadero, San Gregorio, and La Honda as their drivers and riding mechanics demonstrate their skills and ability and the durability of their 100+ year old automobiles.

Club Chairperson Chris Bhirdo said in a statement, “Speedsters represent modified cars from the early 1900s, when automobiles were in their infancy and racing was being used to promote the capabilities of fledgling automobile companies. Our cars feature the same equipment that was used ‘back in the day.’”

This is a timed event that will test the automobile and its occupants as they travel up and down the Santa Cruz Mountains and California Coastline. “Watching these vintage Speedsters is like watching history in motion, Chris said. “Not only are they beautiful in design and simplicity, they are exciting to hear and see.”

The event begins at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Palo Alto at 7:00AM on Sunday, June 9. After a colorful opening ceremony at 7:30AM, the words “Drivers, start your engines!” will launch the rally. “The vehicles will travel an exciting and challenging route through the Santa Cruz mountains where they will experience driving amongst the giant redwoods, up and down the valleys and on to the beautiful California coastline,” Chris said. The group stops for lunch at approximately 11:00 am at Arcangeli Grocery in Pescadero then continues the course toward San Gregorio. “We would love for the local communities to come out and cheer as the speedsters pass through town!”

Photos contributed by the Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club


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