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March Astrology: Pisces Season

By Catie Cadge PhD

March begins with some planetary joy and play! The cosmic weather starts the month with a fiery push in love’s direction, as Venus in Aries conjuncts Jupiter on March 1st. Passions fly, but remember Aries as a sign is where we need to have courage and claim our right to take up space with another. But what can I say? Why not roll out the month with a good ol’ evening just for having some Jupiter fun! 

Early in March we continue in Pisces season, Mercury joining the Sun in the sign of the fishes March 2nd. The high road to take with Pisces is to tap into your imagination, let go and be aware of your psychic or intuitive abilities. Creativity is high, especially when improvisation is involved and visionary flights beyond. “Dear Mr Fantasy, play us a tune!…Something to make us all happy!” 

In traditional astrology, Mercury is not considered strong in Pisces, because Pisces can be too dreamy and nebulous in defining what is real. But I say au contraire! Just think of the word, “omen,” and what it means. Pisces communication comes through the ether, through dreamtime, through moments of synchronicity when the universe speaks to us. All this Pisces energy in the sky suggests some heightened sensitivity. Be kind and gentle with others. Feelings can get hurt easily. And watch out for escapism when psychic overloads get too much. 

The big event of the month is Saturn’s entrance into Pisces early morning March 7th, just an hour after the Full Moon, at 16°40’ Virgo, 4:40 am Pacific time. Saturn’s passage through Pisces will last until February, 2026 (with a brief stint in Aries summer of 2025) so the ringed planet is much, much slower than the Sun or Mercury in the sign. Most helpful is to look and see where early degrees of Pisces fall in your own chart. Here you can be the Piscean visionary, the mystic artist, but you need hard work and discipline to make it happen. The Full Moon places emphasis upon honing one’s skills, becoming the master craftsperson. But watch out for too much self-criticism. Rather meditate upon how best to develop talents in ways to bring about your Piscean creative side. 

Mars in Gemini went through a retrograde period, appearing to move backward, during the holidays. Mid-March the planet moves out of its “shadow” and is full steam ahead. Gemini is often associated with multiple perspectives, curiosity and finding our voice. The days leading up to St Patrick’s Day have a lot of exchanges between Mars and Mercury (also about finding our “voice”), Pisces Sun and Neptune. A lot of planetary juju to open us up to cosmic airwaves!  Allow a Piscean imagination to feed your soul. Venus enters Taurus on the 16th, perfect for some St Paddy’s Day music. “Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy!” Sensual pleasures abound and good social vibes a plenty!

March 20th, Sun enters Aries, 2:24 pm. We jump into spring with vernal equinox. Welcome to Aries season! Venus conjuncts lunar north node at 4°25’ Taurus that morning, perfect for us to remember the comforts of spring; warm sunlight, grassy fields and flowers blooming. All to help us feel new life and joy! 

At 10:23 am on March 21st, the New Moon occurs at 0°50’ Aries. How symbolic of starting out fresh and bursting into new frontiers. In astrology circles, we call vernal equinox “International Astrology Day,” marking the start of the Sun’s journey through the zodiac. With Mercury also now in Aries, late March sets the stage for being bold, direct in pushing your passionate agenda, and taking new initiatives. The New Moon squares Mars, at the end of Gemini; plant intentions for fresh ideas and a new beginning. 

Mars enters Cancer on March 25th and trines Saturn, 2°36’ Pisces on the 30th. The last week of the month moves us into a time to be more caring and compassionate with our family and tribe. Remember that in life that’s all we have. “When all the cards are down, there’s nothing left to see.” Share with them your visions and dreams. “In the end, there’s still that song…” They will listen!

Catie Cadge is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Classes and more information: Read about Catie and her work at

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