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Reaching for the Stars | June Astrology

By Catie Cadge, PhD

The long days of late spring and summer are upon us! Oh, the joy and pleasure of a warm sun, green meadows and fresh flowers. I can just hear Jerry Garcia crooning, “to lay me down with my head in sparklin’ clover…let the world go by, like the clouds a’streamin…’” Jupiter is just beginning to move ahead in Taurus after entering the sign of the bull last month. So many people have commented to me that they have felt this cosmic shift as Jupiter left fiery Aries and stepped into peaceful, earthy Taurus. 

June 1st, Jupiter conjuncts the north node of the Moon at 3°37’ Taurus. Where do I need to be more centered in my body and seek creature comforts that bring me stability, sensual pleasure, and peace in my soul? The north node suggests where we as a global community are striving to go. A time to reconsider our relationship with nature, our resources and our home planet. How can we all do our share to help the earth heal?

Meanwhile the Sun is cruising through Gemini, sign of the twins, adding a natural buzz to our community gatherings. People feel lighthearted and interested in lively conversations and exchanging ideas. Just perfect for the merriment and playfulness springtime events offer us. Let’s rock it, my Santa Cruz community! Jupiter in Taurus blesses us with some great music and creative juices flowing – all to help us take a deep breath and just “be” in the moment. The Gemini setting makes it fun and playful. 

Early in the month, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius, 13°18’ on June 3rd, 8:41 pm Pacific time. This lunar time is about expanding our minds and hearts into new paradigms of awareness. Reach for the stars! Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer and philosopher; step out of normal routines and seek grander visions of where you can go and how you can embrace life. Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 5th. Allow yourself to shine in romance, dance, and be generous with those you love!

On a more serious note, June 11th, Pluto, moving retrograde, reenters Capricorn until late January, 2024. Those with significant planetary placements or key areas of their chart in late degrees Capricorn (and early Aquarius) may feel this shift as Pluto tends to bring to the surface some deep-seated psychological shadow work our souls need to process. By synchronicity, we may experience some challenges or changes that are forcing us to clear the slate and rise eventually like a phoenix. This is in play throughout the year for those it most affects. 

The New Moon happens June 17th at 9:37 pm at 26°43’ Gemini, conjunct asteroid Juno. Juno is about finding right partnership and Gemini is about seeing multiple points of view. “To lie with you, once more, to lie with you.” The same day Saturn stations retrograde (the planet stops in the sky, adding extra gumption) at 7°13’ Pisces. The Moon and Sun square Neptune in Pisces, so this is a really good lunar time to set a vision and manifest fresh directions and dreams. “With our dreams entwined together.” “To tell sweet lies, one last time and say goodnight.” The mystical planet Neptune stations retrograde by the end of June so the slow movement of the planet late this month may amp up our intuitive gifts, our psychic inclinations, helping to make vivid our literal dreams at nighttime, but also our imaginations, our creative dreams, and our spiritual journeys.

June 21st, at 7:57 am, Sun moves into Cancer. Happy Summer Solstice! Moon in Leo squares Jupiter and conjuncts Venus on the day of the solstice. Revel in the love of good friends and community. The asteroid Juno enters the sign of the crab the following day and then Mercury as well by June 26th. Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus 21°30’  June 26th so there may be some outbursts with folks being stubborn. They probably just want to be “seen” and cherished. Try to embrace all those we honor as “family”, love with a nurturing, big heart, and allow yourself to feel deeply the bonds that bring us joy. Summer blessings to all!

Catie Cadge is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Classes and more information: forrestastrology.center. Read about Catie and her work at caraevolutionaryastrology.com.

(Featured image of Jupiter in Taurus by Catie Cadge)

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