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SLV High School Sign Refresh

By Dan Arndt

San Lorenzo Valley High School gets a new sign!

The new sign is the original which was put in place in 1954 when the school first opened, but had since been in storage.  It was hand hewn out of a single piece of old growth redwood. The original chisel marks are still present in the sign. The sign was originally double sided but due to improper storage, one side was exposed to the elements and had a build-up of dry rot.  There was also an infestation of Carpenter Ants which needed to be removed.  The SLVUSD Maintenance crews used modern tools to clean up the surface and Lexan to fill the holes and crevices created by the ants and rot to stabilize it. As the sign will be relocated on the old pedestal that held the previous marquee which was destroyed by a drunk driver, only the one side is visible to Highway 9. The back side will be set with a backdrop of a Redwood Tree to be planted at a later time.  The sign represents our valley and our Sempervirens.

Dan Arndt
Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

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