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Katie Zaferes Wins Olympic Bronze

By Julie Horner

Katie Zaferes has won the 2020 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal in the Women’s Triathlon in Tokyo, Japan, capping off an elite athletic career. Katie’s father-in-law, George T. Zaferes of Aptos, couldn’t be prouder. “Katie has always been humble and kind and process-driven, versus results-driven. Our families are sooo proud of her and so stoked for her and Tommy, her husband and training team partner,” he said.

Tommy Zaferes, George’s son and a professionally trained athlete in his own right, has been at Katie’s side as photographer in Tokyo and is content producer for World Triathlon, the international governing body for the Olympic sport of triathlon and related multisport disciplines. The couple travels extensively worldwide and recently moved from their tiny home in Corralitos to Cary, North Carolina to be closer to Katie’s family in Maryland.

Zaferes said the family has been involved with competitive swimming since their kids were five and six. “My daughter coached for 10 years, my son went to Olympic trials in 2008, then got into triathlon in 2009. It’s been a crazy, cool life watching this all unfold!”

Zaferes said it’s been a long road for his daughter-in-law. “These last few months, between her dad passing, and poor performances, the Olympic selection process, Covid, travel, training in Europe!”

Katie Zaferes is only the third U.S. triathlete to ever receive an Olympic medal. She has built her legacy in American history. Congratulations Katie Zaferes!

Read more about Katie: teamusa.org/usa-triathlon/athletes/katie-zaferes

Photo by George T. Zaferes

George T. Zaferes is a member of the local music group, Ten O’Clock Lunch Band.

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