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Earthquakes Rattle Central Coast

Did you feel the earthquakes this morning? According to, a series of quakes beginning at 6:36 am occurred near Soledad.

6:36 am 3.2M

6:42 am 4.3M

7:02 am 2.6M

7:41 am 2.7M

All 10-11km NW of Pinnacles, CA

The larger quake was felt in Santa Cruz County with numerous social media users indicate being roused from sleep and homes shaking. This follows 4 Northern CA events earlier this past week. US Geological Survey geophysicist Lind Gee said, “This is just normal activity.”

Heather in Marina tweeted, “3.2 woke me up in Marina, then the 4.3 was like a car hit the building. Small boom, rattling, noise, then over. It wasn’t like swaying it was more like a jolt.”

See local map at,-126.14502&extent=40.24599,-113.10425#earthquake#centralcoastCentral Coast California

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