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Harmon Gulch Neighborhood in Need of Assistance

Rebekah Uccellini, advocate and coordinator for Santa Cruz Relief reports that Boulder Creek’s Harmon Gulch neighborhood remains in dire condition with the road out and residents unable to receive assistance. Harmon Gulch is northeast of town and just north of Bear Creek Road,

“We live on Harmon Gulch Road and the road was washed out in the storms and has been impassable for 3 weeks. We have 20+ residents who have no access to emergency services, and many who rely on water and propane deliveries who can’t get filled. People are cold, people can’t drive to work and many can’t return home and have been stuck in hotels for weeks. We have gone through every agency (FEMA, Red Cross, MCR) and met with local representatives, and are still waiting on a solution. Every day they say 7-10 more days,” Rebekah said. “We really need to get this sped up. We have children and elderly and cancer patients living on this road. People are walking miles each day and everyone’s exhausted at this point. We have been applying for help since January 4th.”

Rebekah is a community advocate and was active in post-fire watershed protection in the aftermath of the 2020 CZU fires. She can be reached at rebekah@coongie.org

One obstacle is that Harmon Gulch is a private road and not a priority for the county. Residents are eligible for a small FEMA grant. But most lack internet access or the ability to get to the Felton Disaster Resource Center – which is closing on February 10 anyway. And the small FEMA sum would not come close to funding repair of the culvert and road.

More Comments from Harmon Gulch Residents

“I am a resident on Harmon gulch. I live here with my husband (disabled veteran) and 3 kids. We walk miles every day to get to and from our house (including having to walk along Bear Creek Rd). We are hoping to get a temporary bridge so we can get a refill of propane and wood.”

“I live back here too, my new pajamas are a puffy jacket and my new coffee is a frigid shower in the morning due to lack of propane. We have a cancer patient whose dying wish is to come back and live amongst the trees but has to stay in a hotel over the hill instead. We are working on solutions but could really use some county support.”

“Please, if there’s any way to expedite fixing this road, I haven’t been able to get to work because there’s nowhere to leave my vehicle unattended that’s safe. On top of that, dozens of residents are essentially trapped and in desperate need of help and rescue. We are in dire straights! Please help us fix Harmon Gulch road!”

“Many good-hearted tax-paying citizens are stuck without any options. We would appreciate help getting the road fixed as soon as possible.”

“I live here. We are asking the county to lend us a temporary bridge so that we can get a refill of propane and wood while we navigate FEMA/long-term solution.”

“I also live there and haven’t been able to get home since I came back from Holiday vacation over a month ago. Though I am fortunate to have gotten stuck on the outside instead of inside. I worry about my neighbors who are running out of essential supplies and who are stuck in an unsafe situation since no emergency vehicles or ambulances can reach them. Please help!”

Harmon Gulch neighbors are asking for a shoutout to local electeds in order to expedite a response.
Supervisor Bruce McPherson bruce.mcpherson@santacruzcounty.us
Assemblymember Gail Pellerin https://a28.asmdc.org/contact
Congressman Jimmy Panetta emmanuel.garcia2@mail.house.gov and https://panetta.house.gov/contact

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4 Thoughts to “Harmon Gulch Neighborhood in Need of Assistance”

  1. Heather

    I am a resident on Harmon gulch. I live here with my husband (disabled veteran) and 3 kids. We walk miles everyday to get to and from our house (including having to walk along bear creek rd).
    We are hoping to get a temporary bridge so we can get a refill of propane and wood.

  2. I am a Harmon Gulch resident with a 10 month old baby. We have been displaced due to the road wash out. We have tried to come and go, walking with food and baby, which is exhausting and impractical for any regularity. Trying to line up rides from the wash out has proven very difficult with poor cell reception out there. Additionally, efforts are consuming on the inside to clear fallen trees and put the pieces back together, while trying to advocate for assistance.
    Hauling refills for propane and water while managing a baby has made it wiser to stay away. We need to be able to return home. I know a lot of folks are struggling with basics such as how to get water and heat and resources from town and many folks have been displaced like me and my baby. Please help our community reopen Harmon Gulch Rd.

  3. Karen Delaney

    I am appalled that between County Public Works, CalTrans and FEMA – all well funded with taxpayer dollars and with qualified civil engineers and loads of equipment – these neighbors are left without assistance to get a proper temporary bridge in place. What is they need an ambulance, or there is a fire? Call out the National Guard or mobilize the Army Corps of Engineers – who build field bridges all over the world.

    I will be calling my Supervisor and my State Representatives and encourage all of us who don’t live there to do the same.

  4. Teri Warren

    I used to live on a private road that fed out to a county road. The private road washed out during a big storm, as did the county road. County funds maintained the county road, and therefore repaired that one, but not our private road. We qualified only for FEMA, and eventually got the funds. Applying is an arduous task, but that is your only option, as a private road is akin to a private driveway. It takes a few months to apply and receive the funds. Good luck to you.

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