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Big Basin Water Update on Damage from CZU Fire

From Big Basin Water Company:

Regarding the CZU Complex Fires, we have completed isolating areas of damage and pressurizing the rest of the system. The Boulder Creek Fire Department has been very helpful spotting leaks and shutting off meters where leaks are present, as they fight fire and do their assessment of damage. Likely there are more leaks to find and a lot of water is being used to fight fire but our main distribution system will be fully pressurized within a couple days, barring an up tic in usage for fires.

Kings Highway, Chaparral, Crows Nest, Bloom Grade, the reservoir, the well, the horizontal well and Branson Tanks are all okay other than necessary re-piping. We lost Hillhouse, Camino, and Everest tanks. In addition to the filter plant and surface source feed lines, we lost the sewer plant and the electrical panel at the well.

For any questions or concerns regarding Big Basin water service please submit a contact form at the link below as our office phone has been destroyed in the recent CZU wildfires. We thank you for your understanding.


Photo of spot fire on Jamison Creek Road by Drew Andre

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