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Debris Flow Hazards in the Santa Cruz Mountains

A GEOLOGIST “TRANSLATES” HAZARD MAPS By Gail Mahood Introduction Anyone driving up Hwy 9 has spotted the new electronic signs warning “Debris Flow Hazards Ahead” and urging citizens to sign up for the Code Red alert system. This is part of the Santa Cruz County response to the debris flow hazards the San Lorenzo Valley is facing this coming winter… Read More
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Winter Worry: Post-fire Debris Flows

According to Kent Edler, assistant director of the county public works department, the fire burned the upper soil layers, creating water-repellent soil. Steep, burned, and denuded slopes deposit rocks, soil, and trees into drainages. Water will pocket and pond in areas where tree roots burned out. Water that used to flow underground might now flow overland. Debris can alter stream… Read More
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Debris Flow Task Force in Motion

A task force has been assembled and discussions have begun regarding the hazards of debris flows in the Santa Cruz Mountains CZU Lightning Complex burn zones. Winter rains are expected to trigger flooding and the accumulation of rock, earth, and tree debris can flow rapidly causing further damage to properties already impacted by the fire. Felton Fire Chief Bob Gray… Read More