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The Leo Sun Shines Brightly in August

By Catie Cadge

In early August, a Leo Sun shines brightly and so should we! Outlets of self-expression need some creative juice. Make sure to give a round of applause for all the artists and performers in our lives, who bring us pleasure and joy, especially once Venus enters Leo, August 11th. Jupiter retrograde in Aries hovers at 8° the whole first half of the month. Check out where this degree falls in your natal chart. For example, if your birthday is in the last week of March, this is such a time of potential growth. Take a chance on yourself and see what you can really do!  

August 1st , the month begins with a “bang”! Mars, traveling through the fixed sign of Taurus, conjuncts the north node of the Moon and then Uranus, both at 18°. A sign ruled by Venus, Taurus is about finding beauty and calm in the storm. Taurus is also associated with money matters, our resources and what we value. In some of my previous writings, I have mentioned Uranus slowly moving through the sign and how collectively we are being asked to reconsider what we value and what we need, especially in light of the environmental crisis we all face as a global community. On the low road, Taurus can be stubborn, conservative and resistant to change, yet the sign of the Bull is an Earth sign as well and so now we may be reaping the results of an Earth in turmoil. 

Mars conjunct Uranus brings sudden explosions or upsets, while both conjunct the north node suggest all of this is for our own good, to move toward a better, more sustainable future. The north node of the Moon is like a collective thermometer, helping us to envision where humanity needs to go. Meanwhile, the first weeks of August, Venus is still in Cancer, in a sextile to all this Taurus struggle with resistance versus awakening. Venus also trines Neptune at 25° Pisces on August 7th. We need to work to create a progressive vision of healing and compassion so we can all make a difference. The recent heatwaves in the Midwest and in Europe are clearly intensifying the Earth’s wakeup call. The cosmos, through the archetypes of astrology, are echoing this same warning bell. 

The Full Moon on August 11th is at 19°21’ Aquarius at 6:35 pm. La Luna shines light upon the very issues I mention above and triggers more events that will cause us to reflect and hopefully shift our collective mindset, because stubborn resistance will be evident by some, money matters may be on the table (with inflation still on the rise), as well as attempts by some to seek security in what they know and wish to keep in place. The Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, retrograde now, and squares Uranus and the north node, while Sun opposite Moon creates a T-square. Best to tap into the innovative and humanitarian vibes of Aquarius by asking again, what is it that you truly value? What do you need to be authentically you? How best can you inspire the kinds of changes collectively we all so sorely need?

In the days following the August Full Moon, Mars makes a supportive trine to Pluto in late Capricorn on the 14th. With Mercury in Virgo, a strong sign for the planet of ideas and communication, we put into action some critical discernment and plans for what needs to transform. Mars enters Gemini on August 20th, further providing a good time for dialog and talking through what needs to happen. But we can also revel in fiery energies of Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Aries; they form a lovely trine on August 18th

Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, time to work hard on service, fine-tuning the details of our daily lives. The New Moon falls at 4°04’ Virgo, 1:17 am, August 27th. A good time to get back to honing our skills and efforts for perfection. Just in time for the old back-to-school routines. Enjoy the last rays of summer!

Catie Cadge authors the Santa Cruz Cosmic Weather Report. She is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Classes and more information: Read about Catie and her work at Evolutionary Astrology of the moment, your moment in time, our collective moment of change! 

Featured image: A full moon in Aquarius reaches its peak on August 11. Image by Catie Cadge.

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