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Cancer and Leo Energies

By Catie Cadge

July is a lovely time of Cancer and Leo energies, perfect for nurturing our souls in summer warmth, indulging in the many pleasures of the season. Of course, our earthly co-habitants “down under,” despite being wintertime for them, are experiencing the same astrological weather. No matter where you are on our big, blue marble, the cosmic vibe says take care of yourself and others now, feel the bonds and love of family and clan, and be the healer with a big generous heart. All this while letting yourself play, let go and shine by sharing your talents, creativity, and joy!

On the 4th of July, Mercury joins the Sun in Cancer. Meanwhile Mars moves into Taurus, the sign of the Bull, also on July 4th. Independence Day offers us a moment to feel nostalgic about our country’s birthday, a time to feel patriotic, celebrating our collective American “family” and the founding of our democracy. We all need a lunar Cancer time to reconnect and restore our shared love for our country and try to build hope for a better America. With Mars in Taurus, we might want to seek out a good barbeque – maybe an extra hot dog! – and some “down time” to feel family togetherness. 

The north node of the Moon is also in Taurus and, by the very end of July, Mars is close to conjunct both Uranus and the north node at 18°. This is potentially rather volatile energy and there may be surprises around money, possessions, and what we value. Take a look and see where 18° Taurus falls in your natal chart to better understand the arena where these upsets may occur. An unexpected upheaval may involve a stubbornness around what old principles you wish to hold onto. The universe is asking you to reconsider what is it you really need for happiness and stability. With Saturn in Aquarius in a loose square to the Taurus conjunction, many of us may need to take a good hard look at our finances under inflation and reassess our goals. 

The Full Moon falls on the morning of July 13th at 11:37 am, at 21°21’ Capricorn. The sign of the sea goat is known for being practical and disciplined by nature, so this is a good time to review your goals and have your “ducks all in a row.” The Full Moon trines, 120° aspect, the Taurus Uranus and north node, while the luminary is in a wide conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house of the chart for Santa Cruz. A good time to strategize and plan our collective financial picture for security. Venus in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius, as well, during this Moon time, supporting dialog and exchanging ideas around money and moving ahead. Venus then enters Cancer July 17th, again nurturing connections to family. We wish to protect and secure.

Ok, enough of the hard talk! Enough about finances…Let’s get back to feeling good and the playful joy summer brings us. Mercury enters Leo on July 19th, while the Sun follows into the sign of the lion on July 22nd. Leo is renowned as the sign of the “performer,” and we all can take the stage the last week of July! Jupiter continues in Aries, Mercury forming a lovely trine July 23rd, the Sun trines Jupiter July 31st. Cancer Venus also squares Jupiter on the 24th, really underscoring the need for a little playtime. Let your fiery spirit soar and have some summer fun! We have to make time to rejuvenate and restore our weary souls. 

The New Moon at 5°39’ Leo occurs July 28th at 10:55 am, the same day Jupiter stations retrograde, appearing to stop in the sky at 8°43’ Aries, trine both Sun and Moon. Turn inward and ask yourself, how can I best let my soul creatively roar? Also cherish those around you and appreciate the gifts they bring to the party. Give an applause! Everyone seeks to be seen and loved for the passionate soul dance they do. We got to love one another!

Catie Cadge is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Classes and more information: Read about Catie and her work at

Image by Catie Cadge

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