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Astrology: Welcoming the New Year

By Catie Cadge, PhD

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Cosmic Weather Report – Evolutionary Astrology of the moment, your moment in time, our collective moment of change! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

We start January with some continuing news carrying over from the Holiday season. First, Jupiter is moving quickly through early degrees of Pisces. I wrote quite a bit about this once-in-twelve-year event last month as a little taste of what was to come in 2022. Strong now, Jupiter loves being in the sign of the fishes. The high road is acting compassionately with others, expanding our spiritual awareness, or diving into our creative, visionary side, especially through film or photography. Jupiter in Pisces dreams big! Enjoy and revel in imaginary worlds, feast on the beauty and connection we all feel for one another and all creatures, great and small. Avoid the low road of escapism and lack of necessary boundaries. Look to see where Pisces falls in your birthchart. If you happen to have Pisces as your Sun sign, act quickly this winter and spring by opening doors for new opportunities and by taking a chance on yourself.

In December, Venus began moving retrograde through Capricorn. After the New Year, we still may be in a process of re-evaluating our relationships and possibly reassessing our current financial picture. There is a need for strategies in building a solid foundation for 2022. Be careful of control issues, especially around money, as the month unfolds. Venus retrograde can bring people back into our lives from our past. This can also be a nice time for personal reflection and reworking creative projects. Venus does not station direct until the end of the month. 

January begins with a New Moon in Capricorn, 12°20’, at 10:33 am on the 2nd. Sun and Moon trine Uranus in Taurus, a great time to set New Year resolutions, plan the year ahead and make realistic goals supporting your changing path. What do you value most, what really matters? What mountain top is worth the climb in 2022? By January 11th, Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Time for bold actions to claim your new directions, your dreams and be ready to expand how you see and think about what’s next. 

On January 14th, Mercury in Aquarius begins the first retrograde period of the year, lasting until February 3rd. Mercury moves back through Aquarius and into late Capricorn, mimicking Venus and her ongoing retrograde dance and also conjuncts Pluto on January 28th. We are in position once again to reassess and rehash the structures and powers in place. Some new ideas and radical thinking is needed now to awaken all of us to collective change. Can we alter outdated ways of exploiting Mother Earth? Can we devise innovative strategies to build a better lifestyle, one we can all agree to and that supports a more sustainable future? 

Full Moon in Cancer, 27°51’, January 17th at 3:48 pm, opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Astrologers have been writing for years about the revolutionary structural changes happening in 2022 for the United States under our country’s Pluto Return, when the slow-moving planet returns to its natal position in America’s 1776 birthchart. This Full Moon triggers exactly the foundational and structural transformations occurring throughout America at this critical time. For us individually, we can reflect upon where late Capricorn falls in our charts. Some may feel this Full Moon profoundly. Tap into the nurturing, emotional, and sensitive sides of Cancer. Feel, cry, hug one another and simply let go. We are all in a state of change and process!

Sun enters Aquarius on January 19th, time for freedom-loving humanitarians born under the sign to celebrate life through radical realms of genius as both Sun and Mercury retrograde meet up on the 23rd. Share ideas, speak out, think ‘better future’. The month ends with Mars entering Capricorn on January 24th, just as Mercury moves backward into the sign of the sea goat. Back to reality and making plans, creating what we want, and reconsidering yet again our path forward for spring’s eventual arrival. A New Moon in Aquarius, 12°20’ closes the month, January 31st, 9:46 pm. Set your intentions! The world needs a new avant-garde!

Catie Cadge is a master-certified Evolutionary Astrologer and is the Dean of Instruction for the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Read about Catie and her work at

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