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Astrology: Cosmic Weather Report April 2021

Mountain Stargazer

By Catie Cadge

In April, we embrace the hope of Spring, Aries season! Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, sign of the ram, is all about initiation and throwing ourselves into our passions. A lust for life!

On April 3rd, Mercury moves into Aries, joining the Sun and Venus in the sign. Meanwhile, Venus forms a sextile to Mars in Gemini. Mars is sparking our curiosity, engaging us in learning and experimentation, full of playful banter and good conversation, while Aries Venus seeks passion and excitement. Planets in Aries give us courage and the will to thrust that Mars into action. What better feeling than THAT for springtime joy and new beginnings!

Brazilian writer, Paolo Coelho, said it well: “We all know fear. But PASSION makes us fearless.” Underscoring the heart of this Aries mood is the minor planet, Chiron, also now in the sign. Look to see where Aries falls in your natal chart. Here we are feeling desire for action and new bursts of energy, but we are also challenged by Chiron, the wounded healer, to face our hurts, our pains, to move ahead and heal, and, in turn, empower others by example. What IS it that keeps me from acting? What fear is caught inside me that blocks me from being all I can truly be?

Mercury conjuncts Chiron April 9th, while Mars in Gemini will form a square to Neptune in Pisces. The next day, Moon in Aries meets Chiron, and on the following day, Mercury. These planetary transits bring to light our changing perceptions about how best to assert our own needs and how to envision the best steps forward. Aries Mercury sextiles Saturn, and Venus sextiles Jupiter, both in Aquarius, also on April 10th. You can take a stand now with your message and make real your ideas, while also finding Aquarian support in friends and colleagues. The New Moon in Aries on April 11th lends us a time to birth these new plans and rejoice in new beginnings.

The second half of April we see the grounding earth energy of Taurus season begin. How appropriate for Earth Day on April 22nd. Emphasis is on security, serenity, and stability. Think of ‘Ferdinand the Bull’ calmly grazing in the meadow, finding time to stop and smell the flowers. Venus moves into Taurus on April 14th, just in time to do our taxes. Focus is upon money and resources. Mars forms a trine with Jupiter on April 16th, Mercury in a sextile to both the next day; it might just be a good time to ask for that raise!

Mercury and Sun join Venus in Taurus on April 19th. Mercury and Venus both conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 10˚, while Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd. What a perfect weekend to celebrate our home planet, to show how we fight to instigate change to protect her, and how we feel compassion for all creatures and for our mother Earth.

The next day, Venus forms a square with Saturn in Aquarius at 12˚. All of this planetary energy in Taurus strengthens the ongoing square now between Saturn and Uranus. Look to see where Aquarius and Taurus, roughly 8-14˚, fall in your natal chart. Something may need to radically change to be authentically you.

The night of April 26th, we see a Full Moon in Scorpio at 7˚06’, opposing Uranus at 10˚ Taurus.  This may not be an easy lunar time as the Moon also triggers the Saturn and Uranus square. Some may encounter outbursts in the days leading up to and after this Full Moon; sudden explosions, earthquakes, pent up anger all may surface. But the good news of a Scorpio Moon is it asks us to do the shadow work, to address the dark side, the possible power issues or jealousies, the hidden parts of the psyche we all wrestle with and need to face in ourselves and in others.

Let’s hope for release of old shadows where we are stuck, and move into a springtime of healing, joy, and fresh new beginnings!

Catie Cadge is a master-certified Evolutionary Astrologer and is the Dean of Instruction for the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Read about Catie and her work at caraevolutionaryastrology.com.

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