Highway 9 photo by Mary AndersenColumn: Julie Horner Editorial 

Looking for an Upside

By Julie Horner

Well not so fast. Some of us had just sidled up to Joe’s newly refurbished bar…seats away from each other and mostly masked…not quite back to “normal” but doggone we could go down and get our pint and say hello to those scattered along the bar’s storied length and dial up a tune on the juke with our aps like old times. How many of you clicked “Going” with cautionary giddiness and were planning distancing dinner dates with live music at Felton Music Hall? We emerged wide eyed with hope, businesses reopening, the gears of commerce beginning to turn, and with awkward, slightly spindly steps we crept out of our hiding places and started thinking about how to repay our mortgage forbearance and keep the kids occupied. 

Looks like for now it’s back to the garden, back to the woods, a return to introspection and doing better by ourselves and our neighbors without getting any droplets on us. As if a great power had opened the barn door, taken a close look, and determined, nope, not done yet, and shoved us all back into the nesting box for a few more turns.

Welcome to the San Lorenzo Valley Post August 2020 issue wherein we turn upside-down inside out.

Photo by Mary Andersen

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