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May Astrology: Embrace the Warmth of Spring

By Catie Cadge

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Cosmic Weather Report – Evolutionary Astrology of the moment, your moment in time, our collective moment of change!

Early May is Taurus season and how appropriate for May Day! The Celtic holiday of Beltane marks the period between vernal equinox and solstice. Feasting, dancing around the maypole, and sharing the nighttime warmth of a bonfire, help us to celebrate late Spring. May 1st also marks International Workers’ Day. Taurus, an Earth sign, is a perfect archetype for embracing our manual work, the fertility of the soil and the gathering of resources we need to survive.

In April’s Cosmic Weather Report, I mentioned the ongoing square between Saturn, now in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. Many may feel the urge to get things done – work, work, work – but also some blockage as to how exactly to proceed. Our sense of what we value, what resources we need, may be shifting, while we try to move beyond some difficulties and challenges. Our current moment is about growing pains. On May 3rd, Sun at 13˚ Taurus triggers this square, while Mercury squares Jupiter in Aquarius and then enters the sign of Gemini. Mercury may give us some sudden insights and “ah ha!” moments that help us make adjustments. 

Meanwhile, Venus continues her journey through Taurus until May 8th. Venus enjoys being in this sign; relax, take a deep breath and experience a sense of calm. Embrace the warmth and sensory pleasures of Spring. Watch the sea otters off of West Cliff Drive. Smile at the birds who sit on the cows in the pastures of Arana Gulch. We all need some time to simply BE. If we are able to still our minds and open our hearts, the better our work will be. Venus then enters Gemini and joins Mercury, lifting our spirits and moods, Sun joining them in the air sign, May 20th. Most of May will be a great time to get out and share love and conversation, still wearing our Covid masks, but ready to reconnect and see old friends!

The New Moon, May 11th, occurs just before noon, at 21˚18’ Taurus. Later in the day the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces and trines Pluto in Capricorn. We can envision new ways forward, planting seeds to make our dreams real. Mars in Cancer forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, helping us to find solutions that nurture ourselves, our community and our planet. May 12th, Mercury reinforces our plans and makes them solid as the planet trines Saturn in Aquarius, Venus making the same trine on May 19th. Exchange innovative ideas and strategies! Talk and then listen to one another! 

The New Moon begins an initiation into a two-week growth cycle, coming to fruition with a Full Moon “ring of fire” eclipse with the Moon in Sagittarius at 5˚26’ on May 26th at 4:13 am. Don’t bother getting up for the eclipse! It is only visible in the regions of the far north. Eclipses can usher in new beginnings if early Sagittarius or Gemini are prominent in your birthchart. Look to see where the eclipse falls in your chart. A Full Moon in Sagittarius is a great time to expand our horizons and reach for the stars! Mercury and Venus meet up in the sky at 24˚42’ Gemini just days after the Full Moon, on May 28th

A few days after the New Moon, on May 13th, Jupiter enters Pisces. This is a major shift in Jupiter energy, in part because Jupiter rules the sign Pisces and the planet is given great strength here. It is a brief passage, until the end of July, when the planet moves retrograde back into Aquarius until the end of the year. Look to see where early Pisces falls in your birthchart. Jupiter graces us with a time when we can feel great compassion and a rise in consciousness, to enter a sort of spiritual pilgrimage, even in our own backyard! Open to new opportunities, new windows into our higher self. The month ends with Mars in Cancer 23˚01’ making a trine to Neptune in Pisces, sweet icing on this Jupiter time. 

May Day blessings to all!

Catie Cadge is a master-certified Evolutionary Astrologer and is the Dean of Instruction for the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Read about Catie and her work at

Photo by Alexis Antonio

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