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Astrology: September’s Windows of Opportunity

By Catie Cadge, PhD

September starts off with a focus upon Jupiter in Aries moving retrograde. In July and August, I stressed Jupiter’s slowdown in early Aries. Check your natal chart to see where the first few degrees of Aries falls to help you with guidance. Here you must have courage, but also be aware that the doors that open now may not always be there in the future. Sometimes it is worth taking a chance and stepping on through! 

September 1st, Mars in Gemini forms a lovely 60° aspect to Jupiter at 6°49’ Aries and then on the 2nd, Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter. Windows of opportunity can happen if you are bold, have confidence, and share your thoughts and ideas. Mercury is slowing down in preparation to turn retrograde September 9th at 8°55’. The cosmos is asking us to reflect upon what it is we need in partnership, how best to negotiate, and how best to lead when needed. 

There’s a lot of potential the first week of September to make the kind of connections we need that support our personal freedom and passions, while also feeding our desire for partnership. You can have both! But it takes a willingness to do the “cosmic dance” we do with each other in ways that can build something that lasts. Now is a good time to really think about what love and encouragement you can offer, and how to balance your needs with those you love. Mercury retrograde periods are renowned for possible miscommunications. The reason is because people may find themselves reflecting, dreaming, and thinking of something or someone else! So just be aware, slow down, double-check errors and such, and let your heart and mind reconsider and reimagine how relationships best work for you. This is true for all one-on-one connections in our lives, not just romantic, and may also include our artistic pursuits and creativity. Don’t be surprised if some old love falls back into your life; there may be a brief rekindling of the flame. Wait until mid-October to make some sense of it.

The Full Moon in Pisces, 17°41’, occurs September 10th at 2:59 in the morning, PDT. Saturday has a dreamy Piscean vibe. The Moon’s conjunction with Neptune sets the mood for some play and imagination, just remember both in Pisces can feel like “I have to seek some escape!” A great lunar time to dive into flights of fantasy, improvisation, and imagination. Our intuitions are working at top speed!

Libra's New Moon
Libra’s New Moon | Image by Catie Cadge

September 22nd, Sun enters Libra marking Fall Equinox – equal day and equal “nox,” at 6:03 pm PDT. Autumn begins under the sign of beauty, balance, and peace. John Lennon was a Libra, and we all know he spoke out for peace, in part by creating beautiful lyrics and songs. We don’t always see peaceful times, as true peace takes negotiation, and at times, compromise. Libra is about the paradoxes we see in life. Venus joins the Sun in Libra on the 29th. With Jupiter in the opposing sign of Aries and Mars in Gemini, late September puts stress upon how we communicate about and assert our own needs and wants, and at the same time build strong alliances and collaborations. Meanwhile Mercury retrograde reenters Virgo the 23rd, so we can be discriminating in choosing who we engage. But best to be of service to one another and supportive too. We can’t do it alone! 

These relational themes are complemented by an overall collective need to calm down and find inner peace and balance. We all have been through so much these past few years! The New Moon occurs in Libra, 2°49’, September 25th, 2:54 pm PDT. Time to set intentions for finding more Venusian art and music in our lives, ways to restore serenity and grace. Take time to rest and enjoy the company of others. Building rapport leads to creative juju and brings us together to truly thrive, love, and grow! Gemini Mars trines Saturn in Aquarius on the 27th, just following the New Moon, helping us take action and make our ideas real. 

Catie Cadge is Dean of the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Classes and more information: Read about Catie and her work at

Featured image: Full moon in Pisces by Catie Cadge

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