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Astrology: Holiday Blessings and the New Year Report

By Catie Cadge, PhD

Happy holidays! And many blessings on winter solstice and the coming season of light! Here is a special stellar New Year Report to honor this sacred season of darkness and our hopes and dreams for new beginnings in the year ahead. First, just a few key astrological events happening in December and then I’ll ring in 2022 with Jupiter blessings!

December opens with a rockin’ New Moon and solar eclipse at 12°22’ in Sagittarius, 11:43 PM, PST, December 3rd (in some time zones, the eclipse occurs December 4th). Eclipses are most meaningful for folks with important placements, such as Sun, Moon or ascendant, at or near that degree of mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. Look to your birthchart for guidance. People who have birthdays near the eclipse may find the next six months or so an exciting time of change and maybe challenge, all part of their evolving sense of self. Eclipses also affect the six months leading up. It is a total solar eclipse so it carries some punch! A New Moon in Sagittarius says time for the centaur to shoot the arrow high, look for new paradigms and dream BIG.

Winter solstice occurs when the Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21st, 7:59 AM, PST. Just a few days before, December 18th, a Full Moon in Gemini, 27°29’, 8:35 PM PST, trines Jupiter in late Aquarius. We celebrate the darkest time of the year with feasting and merriment to bless our heavens with the coming of light and renewal. Bonfire bliss! Find moments where we can cherish yule-time holiday traditions. In earlier times, people embraced the planet Saturn through Saturnalia, a holiday of revelry and joy. Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, Chronos or ‘father time,’ recognizes the closing of a yearly cycle and the possibilities of ushering in new life, new beginnings. Happy New Year! We all need hope at the start of 2022.

Right before Christmas, on December 23, we have the last of three squares Saturn in Aquarius makes to Uranus in Taurus in 2021. I have been writing about this square all year in the Cosmic Weather Report. Now we see a final closure of the energy. We are seeing the death blows of archaic, old stubborn ways of dealing with our home planet Earth. Hopefully, many are choosing to embrace a new Aquarian humanitarian way of living where we value what truly matters – love and kindness for each other and mother Earth. Dare I say, “Goodwill to all?” Let’s hope for a year of change and renewal for all Earth’s creatures and for the environment.

On December 28th, Jupiter reenters Pisces, a sign the planet of expansion and opportunity LOVES to be in! We saw a period last spring and summer of Jupiter in the sign of the fishes, but now the planet moves head on in and quickly too! Jupiter has a twelve-year orbit, so the great gaseous giant typically spends a year in each sign, every 12 years. But this time, Jupiter enters Aries by mid-May, returning to Pisces in late October until next winter solstice, when he makes his final move into Aries for 2023. People born under Pisces, or with important chart degrees in the sign, need to take advantage of this coming spring. Roll the dice! Take a chance on yourself! Jupiter, “King of the Gods,” says NOW is your moment!

All of us can feel a jovial joy, a love and compassion for others, and a sense of re-kindling the Divine in our hearts in 2022. One warning: watch out for those we love with strong Piscean energies in their birthchart. Spring of 2022 can also bring a heightened need for escape along with misinformation and delusion.

The big event of next year occurs mid-April when Jupiter meets up with Neptune, planet of spiritual consciousness, fantasy, imagination, and confusion, also very strong in Pisces. Jupiter magnifies Neptune’s spiritual and visionary gifts. Inspiration, move me brightly!! Expect some expansion of hopes and dreams and over-the-top enthusiasm in springtime! Expect something BIG!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Catie Cadge is a master-certified Evolutionary Astrologer and is the Dean of Instruction for the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. Read about Catie and her work at

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